Chilli Ultimate

LOCATION: Pinelands, Cape Town, WC

Chilli Ultimate was founded in 2006 as a single mixed team. The team quickly rose to the top of South African competitive ultimate, winning three National Championships and sending several of our players to represent South Africa at World Championships over the years. As the team grew in numbers the club structure has evolved. From a single mixed team, the club now comprises of two mixed teams– Heat, and Legends; a women’s team – Hot Sauce; Chilli Open, and Chilli Masters teams. All teams have been title winners in their respective divisions.
From its earliest days Chilli has striven to be more than just a team that plays Ultimate. We have worked hard to cultivate a sense of fun and a sense of family. We are committed to each other and to the game that we love. We try hard to bring out the best in each other both on and off the field and we recognize that in helping our teammates to be all that they can be, that in turn we are pushed to higher levels.

Club ethos:
* Chilli Ultimate aims to compete at the highest level of competitive ultimate in all its forms in the country
* Be a leader in the implementation of good spirit, and help spread the correct understanding of this vital component of Ultimate
* Develop players in a safe and inclusive space as well as assisting with the development of players throughout Cape Town and South Africa.
* To hold ourselves accountable to the principles of SOTG, integrity and equality.

What kind of player would be a good fit with our club?
Anybody looking to have fun while playing competitive ultimate will enjoy Chilli. Expect excellent, challenging training sessions lead by our innovative and seasoned coaches as well as lazy, post-practice braai’s, tichu games and a general feel of family. If fun, fierce-competition, fair-mindedness and family sound like the fit for you then come and find your niche!


Founded in 2006 as Sweet Chilli (then changed to Chilli Ultimate in 2009), this club aimed at introducing some social ultimate players to the competitive leagues in Cape Town. With the help of experienced players, young talent was harnessed, and the Chilli lore was born.
In 2012 Chilli Ultimate expanded to field 2 mixed teams and moved to their new home, the fantastic Pinelands Cricket Grounds. Nicknamed the Scoville Oval due to the pain one feels constantly losing to Chilli at their home grounds, and the regret that one feels the next morning, the Scoville has become one of the hubs of Cape Town Ultimate.
In addition to winning 3 Mixed National Championships, Chilli Masters has competed in every Cape Town Masters division since the division’s inception in 2012 – winning the title 5 times. South Africa’s first Woman and Open Nationals were held in 2014, and every year since. Chilli Open has lifted the winner’s trophy twice in that time. Cape Town Women’s Ultimate initially ran along non-club lines, but in 2017 Chilli launched the first Chilli Ultimate Women’s team, Hot Sauce, and these spicy players won their first Women’s Nationals the same year.
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