Disks of Hazard

LOCATION: Hatfield, Pretoria, GP
CONTACT: https://www.facebook.com/tuksultimate/

Disks of Hazard (DoH) focuses on being a team where players of any skill level feel included and can enjoy the game of Ultimate. The Spirit of the Game is very important to the team as it directly influences the rules application and overall enjoyment of the game. We try to be organised and fancy, but, when joining us or playing against us, it will become clear that we are also there for fun and Fizzers.


The year was 1492, it was a windy summer morning. A group of misfits came together at the first Southern Africa Championships. A whopping 6 points were scored with the tortoise shell disc. The only teams present were DoH and Rangers.
Wellll, it might have been 2017, just before Rocktober, when the team was put together to grow Pretoria Ultimate. The team has since returned to tournaments such at Binnelanders and Rocktober 2018 and has grown and improved.
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