Elevation Potch Ultimate

LOCATION: Potchefstroom, NW
CONTACT: potchultimate@gmail.com ; https://web.facebook.com/potchultimate/

Elevation - Root word: Elevate ˈɛlɪveɪt: To raise or lift (something or someone) to a higher position, level or state.
Elevation is the process or action or fact of raising or being raised.
This will always be the foundation of Elevation Potch Ultimate - in our playing of the game of Ultimate: We will always focus primarily on uplifting one-another as a team, our opponents in a great game, and to have a positive uplifting spirit - even in times of tests and trials.
May the King be Elevated through the way we play and live and do life together!


Ultimate Frisbee in Potch initially started June 2013 as a social group of friends who wanted a platform to reach people of the community in a positive way, inviting both genders to an uplifting and positive non-contact sport. We started with nothing but a disk, a field and sometimes 12, sometimes 5 players, and have since grown into a flourishing family of players who love the game of ultimate!
Due to high demand in the last quarter of 2016 we finally established Elevation - Potch Ultimate club in Feb of 2017. Elevation is now a competitive club and has participated in various tournaments in South Africa. The club has grown significantly from Feb 2017, which led to the establishment of a formal second team in January 2019, forming part of a development initiative, giving opportunity for new players to develop in Ultimate.
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