LOCATION: GP. National - if you can get to OWN, you can play with us!

The Frisbaes are a happy, spirited bunch of diverse ladies who come together each year for OWN!
We are passionate about the sport of Ultimate and upholding its Spirit - highly competitive games, mutual respect between players, adherence to the rules and MOST importantly, basic joy of play.
We are a team that is welcoming to all levels and types of players, with the aim of creating a space in which they can get loads of game time and improve their skills.
As long as you have the right attitude, the Frisbaes are ready to welcome you!


The Frisbaes came together in 2017 when a group of Gauteng ladies players wanted to attend OWN.
Since then, the team has become a catch-all space for ladies who are keen to participate in OWN but are not part of another established team in the country. In 2018, Frisbaes was home to ladies from Gauteng, KZN and the Free State.
With no set leadership team or participants, those who are interested normally form the team a few weeks before OWN, often only fully assembling on the morning of the tournament. Nonetheless, the ladies have built a reputation of being a strong contender at OWN and a very enjoyable side to play a game of Ultimate against!
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