Northern Region Club Teams

Disks of Hazard

LOCATION: Hatfield, Pretoria, GP CONTACT: Disks of Hazard (DoH) focuses on being a team where players of any skill level feel included and can enjoy the game of Ultimate. The Spirit of the Game is very important to the team as it directly influences the rules application and overall enjoyment of the game….

Dream Team

LOCATION: Orange Farm & Soweto, Johannesburg, GP CONTACT: To become the best young team in South Africa HISTORY The club started in 2016, when Orange Farm Ultimate and Soweto Ultimate combined the teams to form one strong team….

Wicked Ultimate

LOCATION: Gauteng CONTACT: Wicked is an elite women’s ultimate frisbee team with a reputation for excellence on the ultimate field. We believe that combining athleticism, experience, dedication, and teamwork will take us to great heights. HISTORY Since our inception in 2018, Wicked has dominated the Gauteng women’s ultimate scene….


LOCATION: Gauteng CONTACT: We are normal people. We want to have fun. We like ultimate. Never being the best “rule followers”, Rangers combines ultimate with their vibrant personalities. We like to leave time and space for people to be individuals. Rangers provide little structure, you play along as you see fit. HISTORY Rangers…

Rex Ultimate

LOCATION: Randburg, Johannesburg, GP CONTACT: Gauteng needed an open team to rule. Jay, the fearless dictator, forged a band together in the fires of fitness and drill-itude. These few brothers that survived became known simply as Rex. Fraternitatum Fieri Regum – Brothers in Arms. HISTORY Rex was founded in 2017 as a team…

Bloemfontein Ultimate Frisbee

LOCATION: Bloemfontein, FS CONTACT: The aims and objectives of the club shall be: To promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Bloemfontein and South Africa and promote health, wellness and community development through the enjoyment of Ultimate Frisbee and other Disc sports. HISTORY Founded in 2014, Participate in Mixed nationals, in 2014-2016 Highest…

Eastern Region Club Teams

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Southern Region Club Teams

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Western Region Club Teams

Catch 22

LOCATION: Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, WC CONTACT: Catch 22 aspires to promote spirit of the game and competitive Ultimate not at the expense of fun. HISTORY Catch 22 was formed in 2015. 6th – Nationals 2015, 7th – Nationals 2016, 8th – Nationals 2017, 2nd – Nationals 2018….

Ghost Ultimate Club

LOCATION: Homeless, WC CONTACT: Work hard, get better, have fun. HISTORY Ghost Ultimate Club was founded in 2012 on the blustery plains of Cape Town’s southern suburbs. Since, we have gone mud-wrestling in Italy, on safari in Kenya and shotskiing all over the country. We regularly frequent the Mother City’s drinking holes, where…