Western Region (CTFDA)

We’re a hip fresh regional body that likes long hucks on the beach and romantic candlelight goaltimate. We’re mandated to have fun and look good while doing it.

On a serious note, the Cape Town body works to look after not only Cape Town, but Stellenbosch and any other start-ups in the Western Cape – George has seen some disc action.  As a committee we look to support our clubs, touring teams, league players and social players  to get the disc time they crave, and encourage development of the sport at all levels. We currently run leagues in Summer (mixed), Winter (men/women) and Spring (hat) with the Master Challenge closing out the year. We also support the clubs & universities in their hosting of tournaments, both mixed and hat. On the social and ‘growth’ side of things pick-up is widely advertised through our website and whatsapp groups, including beach and goaltimate, and we are working to get into the high schools’ sport program through introduction of the sport in PE and extra-mural offerings.

Our biggest challenge is field. Not only do we have to compete with the larger traditional sports of soccer, cricket & rugby but due to drought condition fields were closed across the City and the Western Cape in 2018.  The number of astroturf fields are growing but there is still barely enough for the demands of hockey and soccer. Indoor facilities are even more limited. Still we make a plan and we do have loads of beaches in Cape Town!

So no matter what the season you will find some ultimate on the go in Cape Town! Our website lists all the pick-up games as well as all the clubs /teams that participate in leagues & tournaments. Grab some plastic and come join us!


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