Nationals is the premiere event on the SAFDA calendar where teams across the country compete to win the title and be regarded as the best in their division. Mixed Nationals is hosted in the first half of the year, and Open & Women's Nationals is hosted in the latter half of the year. Prior to Nationals, Regional tournaments take place to determine the teams that qualify to proceed to Nationals.

How to Qualify for a SAFDA Event

All teams need to follow the Road to Nationals in order to be eligible for the event. Final qualification is achieved by finishing in a Regional qualification spot at the Regional Qualifying Event.


SAFDA Player Registration

To qualify for Nationals, all players needs to be a registered SAFDA member and have paid the annual membership fee.


Team Development Initiative

Each team that qualifies for Nationals is required to host a flying disc development event that promotes frisbee.


WFDF Rules Accreditation

All potential nationals players must have standard accreditation and all captains must have advanced accreditation.


Regional Qualifying Tournaments

Regional Tournament standings are used to determine which teams will proceed to Nationals that same year.